Why we use a Standardized Text

In the guru-shishya tradition the student has always learned from the teacher through repetition. Yoga has been handed down this way, via word of mouth for centuries. Traditional hot yoga embodies this concept. Bikram Choudhury began using a dialogue in 1997 to communicate the subtle and advanced knowledge embodied in the Yogananda-Ghosh lineage teachings to a wider audience.

We use a standardized text as the foundation for the class. That said, we view it as a standardized text, not THE one and only. It’s a fantastic tool. It helps you to understand and learn the postures and how to teach them. The Primary Series classes are about simplicity and accessibility. Each posture is taught in a specific way for a specific benefit. The text we offer is the best way to relate this information to the students to achieve these goals as a beginner teacher.

The dialogue has become one of the clearest examples of the rigid nature of Bikram Yoga. The primary departure point for TheHotTT is letting go of this attachment. After you’ve been teaching for a while, and as you gain more experience, you will know what and how to add or subtract to your class. The idea that an experienced teacher will stick to a rigid script throughout their teaching career is at best silly and potentially closed minded. Yoga equals an open mind and an open heart.