The Hot Yoga Primary Series

The Hot Yoga Primary Series of 26+2 postures was originally defined by Bikram Choudhury. It is an ideal set of asanas for the beginner hatha yoga student and a complete method for learning to teach a group of students in a single class environment.

One of our primary goals in teaching this practice is to give space for centering the mind and body before and after practice; leaving no room for the clutter, attachment and dogma that has plagued it for years.

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This class is simply the best doorway into a yoga practice and a conscious life that we have come across in our lifetime. In order to take the practice to the next level, we believe these physical postures should be taught with more of a focus on meditation and breathing; so, we have evolved the way the teachers learn how to teach. We teach all the same postures in the same order as the original series with the same heated environment.

The Hot Yoga Primary Series is taught in a heated yoga room (105 Fahrenheit – 40 Celsius) warming the student’s muscles and joints, maximizing their stretching capacity as they build strength. As the heat opens the body, the mind adjusts to the heat. It will elicit a heightened state of focus in your students. This transformative series will fill your students with energy.

It’s truly amazing how seasoned yogis and new students practice the same posture at different levels and receive the same health benefits.

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