What you will Learn

The focus of this 500 hour course is to help you become a well balanced Hot Yoga teacher. The curriculum includes posture mechanics, teaching clinics and in-depth lectures. For those who wish to dive more deeply into Flow yoga you will have the opportunity to focus on this teaching style as well, and to become certified to teach them. The schedule moves between yoga practice, workshops and theory.

It is your choice. You can get certified with 500 hours in Hot Yoga or do 500 hours and get certified in both Hot and Flow. In both cases you will also have an introduction to Yin yoga.

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TheHotTT is an 8 week, 500 hour, Yoga Alliance approved, Teacher Training which will allow you to become certified as a Teacher of Hot yoga and Flow yoga. You will comprehensively deepen your yoga knowledge with philosophy and anatomy lectures, teaching clinics, posture mechanics clinics, and yoga classes beyond the traditional 26+2 series.Learn More about the Curriculum
Weekdays for TheHotTT are typically 9am – 930pm and Saturdays are from 9am-3pm. Some weekends include special programming for your additional workshops and teaching certificates. Sundays without special programs are optional.See the Sample Schedule