The Curriculum

TheHotTT is an 8 week, 500 hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training.

As well as learning how to teach the Primary Hot Yoga Series (26+2) class you will get the opportunity to deepen your yoga knowledge with workshops, lectures and group study.

The curriculum meets the requirements for a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certification and has been designed to enable you to go deeper into your practice, as well as your teaching.

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Work in small groups to fine-tune your own posture mechanics for each and every posture within the Primary Series (26+2). Receive individual feedback on your own practice, and develop the ability to analyze and correct your yoga students. You will work closely with our experienced teacher training team on every detail of the postures, in a hands-on and intimate environment that will enable you to go even deeper into your practice.

Teaching Clinics

Practice teaching the asanas and pranayamas that make up the Primary Series (26+2)! This is where you get to put your new knowledge to the test. You will work with our staff and your peers teaching the breathing exercises and postures from the series, and receiving feedback on not only the words you say as you teach, but the way you say those words, the way you use your body as you say them, and all the important nuances that happen in between which make up your style as a yoga teacher.

In the beginning, you teach one posture per teaching clinic, but as the training and your skill set progresses, you will teach more than one together eventually getting experience teaching and receiving feedback on the whole class.


You will learn the yogic anatomy and physiology to take your understanding of the physical rewards of a yoga practice beyond the basic benefits. Discover the anatomical processes affected by yoga, explore the role of fascia in the body and deepen your knowledge of how yoga changes the body. The anatomy course is specifically tied to the 26+2 Primary Series.

Meditation Workshop

During TheHotTT you will deepen your meditation practice with our meditation workshop and participate in regular meditation sessions throughout the training. Through a balanced mixture of personal stillness and expert instruction you will discover the true value of meditating, the skills needed to successfully lead a meditation, and how to quiet the mind to develop deeper levels of awareness. This aspect of the course will help you leave TheHotTT more connected with the people around you, the natural environment and the world that you live in.

History, Lineage & Philosophy

Examine the philosophy and lineage of Paramhansa Yogananda, Bishnu Ghosh and Bikram Choudhury. We will take you on a journey that considers the foundations of yoga, the role of subtle energy and the importance of unity in the modern yoga world. These lectures will also give you insight into the different types of yoga, the eight limbs of yoga and the different steps of Hatha Yoga. You will get the opportunity for group study and discussion of the Bhagavad-Gita and the The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Yin & Restorative Classes

Experience the other side of the yin/yang balance with several yin and restorative yoga classes. Deeply opening the body and holding stillness for longer periods of time in this style of practice is the perfect complement to the intensity of an 8 week hot yoga teacher training. This practice works into the fascial system of the body, unwinding patterns of tension in a different way than a more active asana practice. Besides the physical experience of opening and stretching, you will gain a more detailed awareness of your body as you practice stillness and focus.