Conscious Chefs

To keep you refuelled throughout TheHotTT we are bringing you our very own Conscious Chefs.

Andrea Campanella, a former professional chef, travels the world on his bicycle organising and offering organic and local food feasts in every city and village he stays. Andrea accompanies his vegan and vegetarian offerings with Dynamic Meditation and creative gatherings in the countries he visits. The money he raises goes toward community projects.

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At TheHotTT Andrea, and his Italian assistant – evolation yoga graduate Alessandro, will be preparing two delicious, healthy and socially responsible meals every weekday for all trainees.

Andrea’s adventure started four years ago with no money and a goal to fund water wells in Kenya. 12,000 miles later he has financed five wells, and he still has no money. The cost of your meals is part of the all inclusive price of the training and will go towards Andrea’s fundraising efforts – as well as covering the cost of all the healthy and local produce.

You can watch a short video to get a feeling for Andrea’s project. But like Andrea and Alessandro – it’s Italian…

Read more about Andrea’s life and work here:

Andrea Campenalla

Ale Giovanazzo