Finding the time to fit in a yoga teacher training can be difficult for anyone, especially those with children, but we’re here to offer you a solution. We offer an on site professional child care service to trainees for the duration of the training. As much or as little as need may be – cost is dependent on number of hours needed.

Having completed TheHotTT themselves in 2014, our child care team fully appreciate how wonderful and life changing this whole experience is and want to be able to allow you to create the space for this experience to happen within your own life.

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Our wonderful child care helpers are all a part of TheHotTT team, and they strive to embody everything that the training encompasses; including being flexible and accommodating to fit the needs of every individual, parent and child. Our vision is to give you peace of mind that your children are cared for and attended to with the highest quality of care and expertise.

Their time with them will be occupied by a variety of activities, games, events, and outings dependent on location and individual needs and wants of you as a parent, as well as prior commitments that you may already have scheduled for your child (school, lessons, extracurriculars etc.) We understand that having mom or dad busy with training, and studying for 12+ hours a day, is very difficult not only for you, but also your little ones. We want to make this course easy and accessible for you and your family by allowing their schedule to remain as normal as possible.

Please email if you would like to discuss the childcare offering at this training.